Luxury Watches for You are the unique intermediaries for luxurious high-end watches and jewellery with a specialisation in high-end timepieces. We believe that what we are doing is extraordinary.

Since we have started, we have been building trust with new and existing customers by ensuring that their wishes with us go through smoothly, discreetly and completely to the customer’s satisfaction.

As the prestigious intermediaries, we have access to an enormous pool of dealers who buy timepieces from around the world, so we can bring these pieces to you for the best prices.

We are happy to being able to source the impossible, so please inquire, and we will do our best to find the timepiece you desire, or provide you with a comparable current model as a second choice.

We highly suggest to our customers that before making a purchase of such a high-end product they do their own research.

Everything we sell on is one hundred percent authentic. We have put measures in place to assure you of the legitimacy of the products we sell. If the item you purchased is proven to not be authentic, call us on it - we will take it back!

Since we are not an authorised dealer of any of the watches we sell, the dealers we buy watches from will provide an international 2 year worldwide warranty. The warranty covers manufacturing defects only. The warranty does not cover damages such as scratches, finish, crystals, glass, Straps – leather, fabric or rubber, damage due to wear and tear, damage resulting from wear under conditions exceeding the watch manufacturer's water resistance limitations, and damage due to physical and/or accidental abuse.

Your personal information is very important and we treat it as such. All your information such as name, address and especially your payment information is held privately.

Thank you for choosing us!

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